"First Aid" kit?

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"First Aid" kit?

Post by ChipmunksRunFree »

Are these the same as self-care kits? I've actually never made either for myself. Wanted to, but never have. I've heard that creating one can be a beautiful self-care ritual.... choosing a shoe box, decorating and adorning it, and choosing what to put inside.

Should there be a kit for the worst of days (and nights), and one when we could use a little pick me up? So, two separate kits?

Can anyone please share what you've got in yours?
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Re: "First Aid" kit?

Post by greendreamdays »

Hi chipmunks,

I love self care kits. I don't think there is a wrong way to do them, it's up to you and what you want to get out of the experience. You can decorate the box any way you like to the degree you want or not at all. I like to collage parts of the box like decoupage and put stickers on them. What I have in my self care box right now is a lot of memorabilia. Tickets to concerts and movies I enjoyed, incense. Magazine clippings. Letters to myself. Things that remind me why I am in recovery and reasons for sticking around and going through the pain of healing. Things that are only nostalgic to me and to remind me that good things happen too, cards and notes from people, quotes, nick-knacks I picked up here and there from old vacations. I know some people like putting essential oils and crystals in their self care boxes and other sensory items for grounding, pictures, key chains, stress balls, silly putty, pressed flowers and leaves, small pieces of artwork, postcards, stuffed animals, notecards with coping skills, a list of phone numbers of people to call if you need to talk or are in crisis, lists of textlines, hotlines, websites. Instructions for DBT or CBT exercises. Reminders for yourself, beautiful things you keep for purely sentimental or symbolic value. And anything else you might want to have when you are feeling low or stressed that evokes positive feelings and comfort. Some people might put body pens in their box, rubber bands, or band aids and ointment to take care of themselves after self harm. You can write a letter of forgiveness to yourself. You can practing "coping ahead" by writing a letter to yourself about things you want to hear when you are in a tough place. The options are endless! I periodically take things out of my box that I want to see more often or use more often, and put new things in that I want to save for later.
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