Want to participate in a study?

A listing of upcoming events which may be of interest.

*Please note that isurvive.org does not officially endorse anything listed here.

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Want to participate in a study?

Post by Board_of_Directors » Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:36 am

From time to time we receive inquiries from researchers looking for participants in their studies.
We have always responded that whilst we strongly agree on the importance of research, we do not have the staff required to vet studies or investigators. Therefore, we had a uniform policy of not allowing investigators to use our site to recruit study participants.

However we are supportive of responsible research into trauma related issues so, with this in mind, have decided that members should have the opportunity to participate in a study if they so choose.

Since our primary concern is with the safety and comfort of our members, researchers will be required to satisfy us on the following points before we consider allowing them to request your participation:
  • 1) A brief description of the study, including a description of the aims, methods, and the identity of the sponsoring institution/organization. As a rule, we will only consider distributing participation opportunities for studies that are affiliated with an academic institution or a non-profit research/advocacy/services organization.
    2) A brief description of the lead investigator, and if the lead is a trainee, information about the individual who will be supervising the work.
    3) A signed document asserting that the study has been reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board or Ethics Committee that can attest to compliance with human subjects protection standards.
    4) Access to a web page that describes the study, or a copy of an information sheet that will be given to prospective participants.
    5) The dates when enrolment will be opening and closing.
    6) A description of how findings will be shared with participants and others.
Please know that isurvive.org will not endorse any of the studies but, if the participation opportunity is deemed to be acceptable by the isurvive Board, an entry describing their study will be made here. It will then be down to you whether it is an opportunity you wish to further explore.

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Re: Want to participate in a study?

Post by reisha » Thu Apr 11, 2019 7:24 pm


Very cool, very loving, & very responsible of The Board to decide/vet this as an additional resource/opportunity for members.


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Re: Want to participate in a study?

Post by Board_of_Directors » Sat Apr 20, 2019 7:44 am

We have reviewed the following research request and are satisfied that the study meets all of our criteria as listed above.
If you require further reassurance from us then please make contact with Jonesy.

Please note: time is of the essence for this researcher so if you wish to participate then make contact quickly.
The study has been extended til 16th May



Dear Sir/Madam

I invite you to take part in an online survey, which aims to understand the views and experiences of self-identified ritual abuse survivors on the use of Online Support Spaces (Forums).

This study is aimed at people who self-identify as Ritual Abuse (RA) survivors, aged 18 years and above and have used or are currently using online support spaces to talk about ritual abuse.

This research is being carried out as part of my PhD study at the University of Dundee School of Education and Social Work, and the results will be used to inform others on how online support spaces are viewed and experienced by self-defined RA survivors.
This study will inform the understanding on the:

1. Barriers in offline services that have motivated ritual abuse survivors to seek support in online platforms.
2. Advantages of online support spaces as spaces and places that have helped ritual abuse survivors to overcome or minimise barriers encountered in offline spaces.
3. Disadvantages if any that ritual abuse survivors have encountered while utilising online platforms.

I understand that this may be a difficult topic, so resources will be provided at the end of the survey to all participants. Ethical approval has been received from the University of Dundee’s Research Ethics Committee.

If you have any ethical concerns with this study, please contact Dr Murray Simpson, Education and Social Work SREC Convener on m.k.simpson@dundee.ac.uk.

Please do not comment on this post or you risk identifying yourself.
To participate in this research please copy and paste this link in to your browser [do not click the link please]
https://dundee.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/view ... ors-on-t-4

If you have any questions or would like a full list of resources, please contact j.a.lumbasi@dundee.ac.uk.

Kindest regards

Joseph Lumbasi

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