Just Passing Through

This is a place for old members to come and share how their healing journeys have progressed.
Its also a place for those members to reconnect and share their experiences.

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Just Passing Through

Post by tiki »

Hello Isurvive!!!!
It's been a bit since I was here. The place has changed but it still feels a lot like home. Hope everyone's been doing alright and wishing you all the best of health and happiness.
^F^ tiki ^F^
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Re: Just Passing Through

Post by Harmony »

Welcome home tiki dear,

So good to see you again. I survive is still alive and kicking.

with care,
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Re: Just Passing Through

Post by ajei »

thanks for popping by tiki...may you continue to thrive

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Re: Just Passing Through

Post by there »

Hi, tiki,
Nice to see your fly by!
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I deserve better than survival.
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Re: Just Passing Through

Post by Jonesy »

Hi tiki

It really warms my heart to see you here 🌻
You are important

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Re: Just Passing Through

Post by reisha »

hi {{{TIKI!!}}

glad to see ya pop in
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Re: Just Passing Through

Post by Faith »

Tiki!!!! So glad to see you!!!

Glad to see your birds still flying. ^F^ tiki ^F^

Warms my heart to see you, friend. :)
~ Faith


After the rain, the rainbow. ~ Author Unknown
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