(no idea if triggering) Just some poetry I guess

For all members who enjoy writing poetry or who use poetry to express their strongest emotions.
Please be advised this area can be triggering, so read cautiously.

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(no idea if triggering) Just some poetry I guess

Post by Zaki » Mon Oct 28, 2019 12:17 pm

I ask myself
will this never end
wishing I could read the last page
slam the book shut
then put the story of my life back on the bookshelf
and only grab it to look back when it suits me

But I live with the past present in my every footstep every breath is breathing anxiety
which has been left behind
that should have been fetched up long ago.

And I know that you sleep without dreaming
while I roll around in throes of fear
that you shall stand outside my door

Lock behind me
slam the door shut
in a desperate attempt to keep all the memories outside

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