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Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:54 pm
by Closeyclo
When I was young, I believed in fairies.
They lived at the end of grandma's garden.
They were shy, but I caught glimpses.
Once, I saw a giant in the bath in the clouds.
I made a million adventures for him.
And in my dreams the braver fairies made friends with him/
I saw whole universes in those clouds.
Dragons, ships, giants and castles.
I believed in stories.
Each time the stories darkened in the middle.
The characters lose hope.
But I was always safe in the knowledge that if I just keep reading.
One more page.....
Hope is coming.
They live happily ever after.
I read so many stories.
I made myself believe.
Frodo asks sam, what are we fighting for?
That there's something good in this world, Mr Frodo, and it's worth fighting for.
And Sam, I want to believe you.
I want to believe in fairies in grandma's garden.
And cloud giants in cloud bathtubs.
And that eventually, good wins.
I try to see my fight as the middle of my story.
But the truth is my faith in fairy tales is shaky.
And I fear the fight brings me closer to the end chapter
But no closer to happy ever after.

Re: Fairytales.

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 4:14 am
by Booklover
I will believe in your happy ending for you Closeyclo it will come one day just keep on believing in fairies at the bottom of the garden

Re: Fairytales.

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:24 pm
by Closeyclo
Hey Booklover. Thank you ! That's really lovely :-) I'll try to keep believing!