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Post by gods_child »

My value meant less
My security meant less
My dignity meant less
My sanity meant less

My wishes meant less
My embarrassment meant less
My humanity meant less
My future meant less

My resistance meant less
My begging meant less
My pleas meant less
My whimpers meant less

My pain meant less
My confusion meant less
My fighting meant less
My state of shock meant less

My baby's health meant less
My wellbeing meant less
My "family" status meant less
My friendship with your son meant less

No matter what I said or did
Everything always meant less
For the only thing you seemed to hear
Is when I said we're going to break your glass desk.

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Re: Less

Post by greendreamdays »

I feel like your poem spoke right to my heart. It's a familiar pain and I'm sorry for what you have gone through. The pain is valid but I hope you know too that abuse makes us feel "less" but it doesn't mean it was ever true. We are always worthy of having our needs met and being loved. Even if we are told our whole lives that we are "less."
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Re: Less

Post by Oceantide »

Powerful poem! I can relate. It made me think of my relationship with my narcissistic mother and my narcissistic ex. I felt devalued and invisible.
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