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Abuse from mother

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:09 pm
by MintLeaf
So for my entire childhood we were abused. My, year younger than me sister, & myself. Out of 5 kids we got it the worst. My older sister & brother got some but not as much as us two younger ones. Im talking extreme abuse. I need to get it out, no one, i mean no one understands. I try to explain to my husband but its hard for others who grew up happy to even fathom what a parent could do to their own children. We were beat nearly every day. My mom is twisted, I remember hiding as far back in the dark closet shaking uncontrollably with fear in every cell of my being at 6y/o. My dad would piss her off then she would come downstairs and let us have it. Beatings, slappings, hits, and name calling, hair pulling, throwing toy buckets at us etc etc etc... The abuse lasted around 11-12 years. From age 4 till 16 when they sent me away to live in a group home. I smoked pot, so in their eyes i was now a drug addict. When i was 12 I would lay on the floor to watch tv, cuz thats where I got to sit, She used to let my little 4 year old brother crawl on top of me & lay his penis on my face and hump/rub it all over my face(he had his diper on) but it was humiliating. She probly got off on it cuz it happened a lot. I didnt want it to continue, it was gross, but she wouldnt let me stop it, cuz "it feels good to him" She favors him in a very unhealthy way. She says hes the boyfriend she never had. He has a debitcard with no limit, and has received 2 new cars off the lot. Ive never got acar, ever. So My sister and I are both screwed up, we have low self esteem, poor relationships, and never felt confident in outselves to ever become anything. She fucked us up, shes evil. I have 1,000+ more stories I need to get out. Im not crazy, im hurt and need help. I will end this, i will not ever treat my kids like this, if i ever have kids that is. If not im ok with it.

Re: Abuse from mother

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:11 pm
by recover
hello mintleaf,
i am so so sorry you suffered such horrible abuse.
i hear you and trust you will never do that to your own kids if you have them.
here with much support,

Re: Abuse from mother

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 1:37 am
by Fleur
Hello MintLeaf

Thank you for sharing some of your story
Get that there are many more aspects to your childhood
I'm really sorry for you and your sister to have suffered as you did

What 3D support do you have?
I have used 24/7 helplines, various health professionals over the years
Writing here is my safety valve so to speak

Sending warm healing sunshine to brighten your day

Re: Abuse from mother

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 11:19 pm
by SweetestGirl
hi mintleaf,
Thank for sharing your story. I'm glad you have a voice here now and you can share your experiences. I'm so very sorry you were treated like that. You are so very brave to me.

I hope you can find some peace for a bit, being here and feel safe here.

kind thoughts,