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Re: Fleur's 2019 Thread

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 8:54 am
by Fleur
Oh my. .... What a silly Friday I've had!!

Totally forgot to change GP time for next week - double booked. Cannot be in two places simultaneously. I'll put it on my phone reminder

Finally about to go out. Looked down. Shoes. Bus almost arrives. Where's my pass? Back to bedroom. So used to it being in my bag, I'd overlooked the fact that I needed the credit card I keep with bus pass and hadn't returned it to "home". Fortunately, services are every 20 minutes so not really a big issue. Just meant I missed Post Office and hairdresser. Monday's another day

Been waking myself with coughing, blood nose - plus the usual noises, etc

Am I jumpy. Bus made a loud squeak as I passed then the bus from which I alighted thumped the ramp, twice. Child bumped into me. She held onto my leg to prevent a fall. Another startled noise from my throat. Person brought in a table of items so they wouldn't get wet - you guessed it, I jumped again

Really great to see "my" bus at terminus about to depart. Doubt I could've kept up the okay front much longer

Caught myself yelling at me with so many horrid words - bloody and shit were least - very ashamed of doing so. At least I used a much more toned down language when I hurt my back on bus seat. You'd think I'd know by now that there are retractable sitting areas

I'm so exhausted all the time, in pain, dislike the cold weather - kinda ok when it's calm. Icy wind has been dreadfully strong. Grateful for nothing major here.

Son reported trees, fences, powerlines plus broken windows around his area. Only minor events around them. Electricity was supposed to be restored to the whole town within a couple of days - a main junction box was affected

Had been wavering about Church attendance in the morning - had a phone call requesting my presence at a meeting - so I'll be there. Missed last two weeks due to ill health

Very much appreciate everyone here

Re: Fleur's 2019 Thread

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:22 pm
by dancingfish
Thinking of you, Fleur. :) It sounds difficult, the pain and inclement weather and startling events! So many things to deal with. Hope you were able to soothe self after harsher words - I think you are kind and wonderful, if you care for a few more antidotes. :) And when I forget events/dates etc., the next day is indeed another day. This one just changed a bit but it'll be okay.

With much gentle caring support sent your way. :)

Re: Fleur's 2019 Thread

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:29 pm
by ephes
It's hard when everyday things can get to you and make you jump or make you uneasy. I know how it is. Frantic inside, stoic on the outside.

Please don't yell at yourself, it's not your fault. You're still doing these things even though it's harder for your than for others. That's a win. Being clumsier when agitated is normal too. Personally, I expect and accept the broken cup or regularly slamming toes into the coffee table, this helps to avoid negative thoughts about myself. Started to think that way when I started to break more chinaware than my cats (and they're good at it haha).

Hope your pain gets better and the winds blow less icy. Sending you warm thoughts.

Re: Fleur's 2019 Thread

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 9:21 pm
by Fleur
Hello dancingfish, very much appreciate your thoughtful message

Hello ephes, thank you for sharing here. Uncertain if we've previously "met," - anyway, thanks for the grin about cats, china and how you handle situations

Wishing you both a happy weekend

Re: Fleur's 2019 Thread

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 12:39 pm
by EasyStreet
Hi Fleur,

For background, there is a discussion on Reisha's 2019 thread about people not responding to posting/not posting on personal threads.

Based on my thought process, I want to make sure this doesn't happen or happens less.

So I want to ask: Is it ok to just post a smiley or sometlhing on your thread even if I have not much to say? Just to let you know I SEE you?

Please let me know. Thanks.

Re: Fleur's 2019 Thread

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:37 pm
by Fleur
Hello EasyStreet

I like your thinking. Personally, I'd be happy to see an occasional smile. However, dialogue with something to which I can respond, is preferable. Possibly it would be not so great if I ONLY saw emojis from someone

Please don't feel like you have to chase up threads. This site has few restrictions or expectations regarding posting

May you have myriad special moments this week

Re: Fleur's 2019 Thread

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:25 pm
by reisha
Hi fleur

Yikes! Sounds like a rough coupla-a days!!! What are ya doin for yer self care? Can relate to the startle response, sadly. Sounds like ya've had sum scary, crappy weather. I sure hope things have settled down. Not sure what else to say. Except wonder bout soxy. A while back, i think ya said he was stayin w ... sis? & i think it was cuz ya were inpatient or sumtin. Bein a nosy, curious lil naked monkey, im wonderin All About that, & is he back? Ino its nunna my biz& ya're not requiered to quell my curiosity.

Sendin tons of admiration, love, care & support

Re: Fleur's 2019 Thread

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:39 pm
by EasyStreet
Hi Fleur,

Thanks. I agree just posting smileys all the time is not a proper response! But I will cruising by more often. You matter.(to borrow a quote).

Be well.

Re: Fleur's 2019 Thread

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 11:10 pm
by Fleur
Hello reisha

Haven't shared about Soxy cos a bit painful. Had blood test that shows I'm sensitive to animal dander. Very upsetting. So puss stays in happy loving circumstances where he's learnt to get out, roaming the streets, losing collar along the way. Couldn't blame him if he was cross about returning - back to being with only one human, no furry friends and inside

It was a blessing though when I had unexpected hospital stay - no mad dash by anyone to feed or house Soxy

He's a larger version of another of their cats - she and Soxy pounce, race and roll around quite a bit. Their male feline has his moments - when he gets to be a naughty lad, he's into the bathroom for time out. Apparently, when released from sole confinement, he always is very nonchalant, needing to groom and goes hiding - until he reads my sister's mind. Whether human or cat food, going out the back door, taking dog walking, etc - this cat needs to supervise

Their third is a regal cat. She is very dainty. Never makes a fuss, except when Soxy tries to play. Purr-lease... She now deigns to allow him to sit on bed, provided she has pillow and at least half. I saw Soxy jump up too close to her, then retreat to foot of bed. If cats could look daggers, that was the stare given. Noticed Soxy didn't relax until she curled up again

So, that's my furry friend's tale (or tail, smile)

Hello EasyStreet

I've reduced the number of threads where I regularly write. Might "visit" more often; friends old and new

Appreciate your sharing here

Wishing you both an enjoyable start to mid July week

Re: Fleur's 2019 Thread

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 11:30 pm
by Fleur
I'm perplexed by my sister. Last Wednesday we chatted on phone. As usual, I asked how everyone was. Reply was "good". On Saturday evening, she phoned again. I was surprised because normally it's around 2-3 weeks that we speak. Dad has been in hospital for about a fortnight, went to rehab for one night, then returned to acute care hospital due to complications. Major organ shut down, massive swelling in both legs

Huh? What does she mean by everyone is good? I'll examine this with pdoc tomorrow and maybe raise issue when I see T on Thursday

Glad I attended Church activities but had a "doona Sunday"; chilly, lonely, isolated, slept more during daylight hours than overnight - ditto last night, but awoke earlier today

Skin being torn whenever I move or remove underclothes. Lots of spots oozing spontaneously. Handle appropriately but haven't had a breakout like this since a teen when hives got out of hand. Kerosene was the only thing discovered that eased the intense itching. Nurse was horrified when I mentioned proposed remedy. Wasn't considering a bath, just dabbing on the Kero with a cotton ball

Thank you for reading