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Re: Something Simple

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Sometimes I wonder if my biggest mental meltdown was a sigh to show me how my future would be.

Thinking back it showed me people really react to those who are troubled.

How I'll always be alone when it comes to having someone to love for.

My life is sad after papa b left me, it makes me feel like I was used but that's far from the truth... I guess there wasnt love from him in first place.

Never thought being alone would be this lonely...

No one cares about me and my dreams of companionship have ended.

I still think about all the times I could helped myself in managing my weight but had failed due to someone's feedback

In the end I'm working on my credit saving up for surgery for liposuction to help lose 60 pounds and then from there buying a home.

So I can be alright with being lonely.... :roll:
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