Little happinesses

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Little happinesses

Post by becomingbutterfly »

Hi loves, just popping in to share a few happy things.

One, I've spent the summer living at an orphanage for children in a foreign country. It's been one of the best experiences of my life. I love kids, and have had the privilege of teaching them how to read, write, and do math in their native language. They've suffered so much trauma, but it's amazing how beautiful and good they are, each of them. It's a joy to get to remind them of that.

Two and three are big small things: I picked up a sewing needle for the first time in 10 years and sewed up some holes in my favorite clothes. Never thought I'd get to that point (haaa pun!).

And! I went to the store and bought myself some pairs of women's shorts, and have worn them all summer. They're so comfy and I feel great in them. Never in my life have I worn women's shorts, so to actually do so has been a breakthrough for me in living in my body.

Love and hugs to all you beautiful folks. -bb
"Isn't it bewildering…that everything is so beautiful, despite all the horrors that exist?" ~Sophie Scholl
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Re: Little happinesses

Post by coconuts »

Sounds like you have some amazing progress and experiences. Sounds wonderful. I'm very happy for you
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Re: Little happinesses

Post by there »

Hi, becomingbutterfly,
thank you for your great post. So glad you have happinesses in these 3 things. :)
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