Healthy coping strategies

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Healthy coping strategies

Post by Fleur » Sun May 29, 2016 8:06 am

Hello .......

I prefer "management skills" but went with title as most people I've met 3D use the term "coping strategies"

The hearing voices network Australia with Richmond Fellowship WA (Western Australia) has a really long list of how to manage distressing symptoms

Whilst some ideas are specific for people who hear voices, many ideas could be useful as a distraction or acknowledgement of unwanted feelings or for self-soothing

Know there are other websites that cover these issues
It's just one I found to be categorised into symptoms and possible ways to get relief

Also, this list is a PDF so might be easier to print than some I've tried previously to download
hvna dot net dot au .... resources

Over to you ......
Onward to a safe community for all people in which to thrive ~ gentle hugs [if okay] ~ Fleur

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