Shock Insight

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Shock Insight

Post by jimscarlet » Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:58 pm

Hello Friends,
Well,this WILL be a transition when I get over shock.
Just discovered I've been drawn to narcissists like a pin to a magnet!
Once penny drops its easy to see the how and why: Both parents were
raging narcissists,as are siblings,then I worked with them,befriended
them,married 2,and THEIR parents were narcs. So it really permeated
right through all my relationships. The other strand to it is,I kept on
being the 'giver',and they all kept on being the 'takers'!

As some members will recognize,we seek out what we were USED TO
as children,and I was used to insanity! Jesus,this has really shocked
me,I've been doing this all my life at an UNCONSCIOUS LEVEL,no
wonder I've had such misery! Fortunately,I read a snippet about the
takers,which recommended that one ASK and see if they are willing to
give; if we don't, we TRAIN them just to keep on taking. As for narcs,
does anyone have any detection tips? @#$%^&*(, IT IS A
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Re: Shock Insight

Post by there » Sat Jun 13, 2015 1:27 am

I so get the shock insight. It's not about narcissism per se, but my realization/insight about a parent has been hitting me again today. Oh, no WONDER my confidence is 'compromised'!

I've looked up NPD online before and you might find some info there. Please hang in there, jimscarlett!
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