One Small Step

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One Small Step

Post by Qwerty »

In so proud of myself tonight.
I not only asked for help from a friend to clean my house, but i apologized to my husband for breaking his fence.

He came home madder then a wet hen we he saw the fence and I looked at him square in the eye and said, "I'm sorry I broke your fence. I knew it was wrong and i have no excuse. I'm sorry."
He stood there stunned and asked what happened, and i told him i thought i could just drive over the small metal and not hurt it, then got it stuck in my wheelchair and ended up dragging it for a block. "
He started laughing then got concerned for my safety.
Before this would have started a big fight because i would have tried to shift the blame. But it ended up being a bonding experience for us.
I know it doesn't sound like much, but trust me today was huge.
"We're not broken, just bent and we can learn to love again"
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Re: One Small Step

Post by Harmony »

Strong work qwerty! Thanks for posting.
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Re: One Small Step

Post by Nelll »

Hi Qwerty
This is great news and so good to read this morning. Well done.
I'm so glad you felt able to do this and it paid off.
I hope this sets you up for a good day.
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Re: One Small Step

Post by there »

I love your name!

It sounds like a sunny breakthrough you made.

Nice going!
All women are beautiful. Period.
I deserve better than survival.
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