Not sure how I feel

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Not sure how I feel

Post by Pepe »

Recently since going to the races,I saw my long list cousin working in the ice cream van....
A memory surfaced from when I was 14 my whole life I've told myself it was a dream because I physically could not open my eyes or move my body it was while I was sleeping I've never really thought about it before but now it's invading me and I'm trying to brush it off ,telling myself it wasn't real it was only a dream.

So my question is I'm still asking myself was it real? Why couldn't I open my eyes was I drugged where his hands pressing my eyes closed,I just don't know..
Just don't get why I couldn't open my eyes or move when it happened..
So confused 😕
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Re: Not sure how I feel

Post by Qwerty »

You could have been drugged or blind folded. Its hard to say. Sorry you had bad memories resurface. I how you find answers.
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