Niot sure about a subject title

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Niot sure about a subject title

Post by Pepe »

A few sleepless night lately been pretty rough, noises out side seems ridiculous was trying to shut noises outbound happy thoughts....
But must of falling asleep then woke up in a panic I remembered or I imagined someone touching my chest holding and rubbing my breasts,,I tried telling myself it's nothink,but that didn't work......
There is some emotional content to this nervousness, curiosity because of the sensation and then remembered it,,,haveing memories and also full delusions of completely frictional events memories of the hand up my skirt....
Just feels so frustrating
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Re: Niot sure about a subject title

Post by dancingfish »

Hey Pepe, just sitting with you. Sounds hard to have sleepless nights, and then other memories and thoughts arising too. Hearing you that it's hard and frustrating.
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