Common abbreviations used on the forums

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Common abbreviations used on the forums

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Below is a list of commonly used abbreviations by various members which will hopefully be beneficial in aiding understanding.

Please add other abbreviations you may know of and they will be added to the list.
Your post will then be deleted so the thread remains limited to this one post.

ADHD = Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
AS = Aspergers Syndrome
ASD = Autism Spectrum Disorder
BFF = Best Friend Forever
BKTY = Be Kind To Yourself
BP = Bi-Polar
BPD = Borderline Personality Disorder
CM = Case Manager
CPTSD = Complex PTSD
CSA = Childhood Sexual Abuse
DA = Dissociative Amnesia
DD(NOS) = Dissociative Disorder (Not Otherwise Specified)
DID = Dissociative Identity Disorder
DP = Depersonalization Identity Disorder
DR = Derealisation Disorder
EA = Emotional Abuse
ED = Eating Disorder
EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique
EMDR = Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing
EN = Emotional Neglect
EUPD = Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder
FOO = Family of Origin
h = Husband
IC = Internal Conflict
NC = No Contact
OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
OTC - Over the Counter
PA = Physical Abuse
Pdoc = Psychiatrist
PTSD = Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
RA = Ritual Abuse
SA = Sexual Abuse
SH = Self Harm
SSH = Sexual Self Harm
SI = Self Injury
SRA = Sadistic/ Satanic Ritual Abuse
SU = Suicide
TFT = Thought Field Therapy
T = Therapist
ty = Thank you
VA = Verbal Abuse
w = Wife
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