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Re: Reflections & Thanks

Post by TimeToHeal »

I have not been here long, but I am incredibly grateful for the friendships I have made so far, and your genuine kindness and sincere caring. love you guys :D
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Re: Reflections & Thanks

Post by maggiegirl »

Isurvive has helped me feel not alone. I am amazed at the smart warm responses on this community forum. Since my family disowned me, and said I had false memories it had been a lifesaver to be believed here. I now have had the courage to tell my story and even the amazing experience of telling my story to the rector of my church who said me too. I burst into tears! I believe isurvive has given me courage to tell . I don't tell just anyone, as the rector said they have to earn our trust.
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Re: Reflections & Thanks

Post by Ampipe65 »

Dear Jonsey,

Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much. This was the best thing I did was to get onto this site. I am so thankful that I found it especially when I needed it most.

I so wish and pray for the absolute best for you,


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Re: Reflections & Thanks

Post by ChipmunksRunFree »

thank you for being on Amazon Smile.
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Re: Reflections & Thanks

Post by fight4me »

I thank you for being hear. It means more then you can imagen..

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Re: Reflections & Thanks

Post by greendiva23 »

Thank you to every single person on this site. I'm not even kidding! This community is amazing. I am having a hard time putting into words how much it has meant to me to have a safe place to talk about and explore a topic that is still a very tender, wounded part of me. Everyone here is so loving and supportive, and even more importantly, everybody here GET IT.

Thank you for all the luv and support, I appreciate it more than I can express. ♡♡♡♡
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Re: Reflections & Thanks

Post by Harmony »

This season of Thanksgiving I am so grateful to all of you survivors who make isurvive the community of healing that is so wonderful. I appreciate each of you.

you do matter,
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Re: Reflections & Thanks

Post by hopeful »

Thanks to everyone who play a role in keeping isurvive going.

And to all the members (and volunteers) who are willing to share such painful parts of themselves, share the downs and ups of their journey.

it is simply saving lives. No where else have I had such amazing support by so many wonderful people who REALLY understand.

I really can't express how much you all mean to me.


ps. I hope you had a happy and peaceful thanksgiving. I pray you had time for yourself , to be kind to yourself.
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Re: Reflections & Thanks

Post by FrumSurvivor »

Jonesy and every one of you moderators deserve a massive thank you! (And tons of chocolate! :) )
Your work is making a huge difference, and the amount of newbies within the past few months is clear proof.
Thank you for all your hard work!!
May you always have the strength to be on the giving end.
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Re: Reflections & Thanks

Post by becomingbutterfly »

Thank you to all those who make this possible. I know it is a huge commitment and labor of love to moderate and keep up a website. Everyone who posts or reads both gives and receives healing. This site was a huge part in my healing, and it continues to be a safe place to rest a weary head.
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