still going on

This is a place for old members to come and share how their healing journeys have progressed.
Its also a place for those members to reconnect and share their experiences.

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Re: still going on

Post by VAC » Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:52 am


Long absence....was able to travel many miles to comfort an old friend whose wife died a few months ago. He asked for my wife and I to come, as he wanted to take a trip and wanted us to come with him.

She was very much a true sister to my wife and I, and we spent time and holidays with them as often as possible. She had a disease so rare she was the only person in the country to have had it. The doctors had to give it a name when she passed.

We flew in one day and got in his car the next day and drove for two weeks all over three states.....he drove and cried and talked and laughed, and we rode and cried and talked and laughed. We ate at their favorite restaurants and stayed where they stayed. We had mutual friends, and got to reconnect with people I had not seen in 20 years.

Had the honor of a full escort by a biker club as we drove through the capital city of one state...still smiling. They were in front of us, beside us, and behind us.

It was an honor to be asked to come and to accompany this friend on this journey.

He is planning to come and spend time with us over the holidays; again, we will talk, and cry, and laugh. My children have known them for 20 years, and I want them to come and see him.

It is good to have real friends.

They know all of our business and walked us through the terrible times with our daughter, constant calls, letters and gifts of encouragement, totally honest prayers.

Everyone says dying is normal, the "circle of life": I will never get used to it.

I am ok. Life has been very occupied. Have decisions to make that are adventurous for a man my age.

lately have had sleep filled with dreams that are like mental diarrhea. I honestly think that stubborness is about half my problem. The other is that I have not adapted well to physical limitations, but don't know that I am supposed to. I still have fight left in me and have had the pleasure of getting out some this Summer before it got so beastly hot....

.....still in 90's here during day.

I have thought of you all on here the past few days. My most trusted T has moved back into the country....friends for over 30 years. I look forward to reconnecting with him face to face.

He is the most gifted T I have ever known.

I want to thank all those who give their lives for this site, and for those who post bravely and thoughtfully.

This has been a long ride together.

Thanks.....would love to be able to one day all sit together and visit.


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Re: still going on

Post by Fleur » Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:56 pm

Hello VAC

Thank you for sharing about a very special journey

Death is something we never will be comfortable occurring. I know that for some as you quoted "circle of life" but I cannot think in those terms

Really happy for you that you enjoyed the summer. Seems like autumn is yet to properly arrive if 90s are your usual daytime temperatures

An older relative once commented that he didn't know how to act his age - he had only just turned 80 but still felt much younger. He mentioned as did you about discovering physical limitations

One day, we shall rise as eagles and run with the wind, carefree .......

May your family and friend reunite later in the year to reminisce and make new memories

Much caring
Onward to a safe community for all people in which to thrive ~ gentle hugs [if okay] ~ Fleur

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